Who is Jae Mazor?

Jae Mazor is a Haitian American singer, song writer, and entrepreneur from Miami, Florida, specifically Little Haiti, Opa-Locka. Jae has been in the music industry since late 2009, due to him being greatly inspired by his Mother and Father who shared so much happiness just being in the studio together. Other artist like Boys II Men, Brian McKnight, Ray Charles, Tyrese, and Sisqo also impacted and inspired Jae musically as well. Because of his inspiration, Jae Mazor has many styles of music ranging, but not limited to R&B, Trapsoul, Afro Pop, and Dance Music coming heavy with that soulful, heartfelt, feel good, high energy, yet emotional type of vibe that just sets him apart from all the others. 

Jae Mazor has been awarded multiple Oski Award’s in 2017 including Best R&B/Dance Pop Artist. In 2018 Oski Award for Best Pop R&B Artist. In 2019 an award for Freestyles Rising Star. And then, in 2020 Music Lovers Rado Artist of the Month. A couple of Jae’s song that charted at the top are “Tell Me You Love Me”, “All Through the Night”, “You Don’t Know Me”, and “Born to Love”. Jae has done multiple collabs, one with one of Future’s artist, Zoey Dollaz, called “Main Girl” and a collab with Kevin Gates artist, RG Shyne. Jae currently just released a new single called “Nightstick” feat. Sessions. 

Jae Mazor is a Worldwide Artist, he has been on 2 Asia Tours in Osaka and Okinawa, including a show at one of biggest clubs, Piccadilly’s in Osaka. He has also performed at the A3C festival in Atlanta, SXSW in Houston, and at the Sweet Auburn Festival. Jae currently has many shows booked into the future, so stay tuned. #TeamMazor